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Our Website run by PT. Mentawai Panorama Wisata. PT. Mentawai Panorama Wisata is a company born because of the love of the ocean.  Islands, Ocean and Wave have been such are large part of our lives and nothing gives us more joy than sharing this experience with others.

For more than 10 years we help surfers come from around the world for searching the ultimate, unforgettable experience riding wave. Now we bring you the most authentic board-riding experiences around the globe. We are a company for surfers, by local experienced surfers.


It is our vision to create the ultimate surf experience.

A completely seamless and life changing adventure. We will look after you from start to finish. Simple booking, unique insights and expertly run surf camps. From the second you board the plane to those green barrels and back – we have you covered.

We believe in the community and friendships that are born from unique travel experiences. It is our vision to help nurture and grow these. We bring heart, soul and a lot of expertise to your next surf adventure.

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To share the stoke.

We are an experienced team dedicated to giving you the best advice, tailored to your experience and desires. After barrels? We know all the spots. Just learning? We have the equipment and team to get you riding quicker than ever.

Our accommodation stands tall in an exploding industry as we strive to provide the absolute full service. No matter what your skill level, your age, whether a family or a single adrenalin junkie – we have something for you.

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